A Trusted Companion for Your HR Needs
As a reliable HR partner, Kakitangan.com is always glad to be of your service. For years, we have been helping organisations achieve their goals and will continue to do so.
Our Mission
Leading The Market By Putting People First

At Kakitangan.com, we believe that putting people first goes beyond knowing your people; it’s about understanding and empathising with them. From our humble beginnings, this has always been our philosophy.

Since 2015, Kakitangan.com has been revolutionising personnel management for numerous SME’s everywhere.

Through our wide range of effective solutions, we empower businesses to enhance productivity and employee happiness levels. Consequently, they outperform competitors in sales and generate repeat customers consistently.

We live and breathe innovation. Hence, we endeavour to continuously deliver:

  • Engineering excellence and superior security support.
  • Industry-leading platform interface complete with banks and accounting software integration.
  • Assured compliance with statutory departments and banks, keeping up with new regulatory changes.
  • Continuous growth by upgrading business operations and streamlining HR workflows.
Pillars of Support
Our People
Kakitangan.com is made up of capable individuals who share a passion for delivering roll-to-roll consistency with unparalleled service and high calibre. Meet the extraordinarily talented people behind our success.
Unwavering Commitment To Excellence
Our People are Our Greatest Strength
Our empowered and hardworking team is the reason behind Kakitangan.com’s success. Together, we apply our technical expertise, vast experience and diverse skill sets to create lasting value for every client.
Constructing Innovative HR Products
Breaking New Ground
Our tenacious workforce continually strives to enrich businesses by providing uncomplicated HR solutions. We support and elevate businesses by delivering centralised HR software for all.